Putting Vintage VWs back on the road as quality daily drivers is what we do! Specializing in Bay Window Buses & Campers but we can do them all, there isn't an old VW we don't love! From those who need just a little to those left for dead that need it all, no restoration is too big or small!!

77 Vert totally restored

64 15-window, full resto, 23-window convresion, before

64 Walk-thru, full resto

1966 Camper, full resto, before

65, full resto, before

77 Westy, full resto, after tear down

67 Tin Top Westy, full resto, in progress

67 Tin Top Westy, full resto, before

75 Vert in primer

1975 Vert, paint, interior, top & tune-up, before


57 Oval almost ready for paint!

1957 Oval, full resto, before

66 after fresh paint

another 66 in for full resto, before

66 full resto in progress, 21-window conversion complete

1966, full resto, before

1977, after

1977 Westy, paint, new rubber & canvas, tune-up, before

1954, still in progress but getting close!

1954, full resto, before

71 Westy, after

71 Westy, full resto, before

71 Tin top, after

71 Tin top, body/metal work, color change, modify seat for comfort!

72 Sedan, full resto, After

72 Sedan, full resto, before

70 Ghia, rearended, repaired, color change, new pans

69 Beetle, full resto, before & after

84 Westy before and after

72 Westy, fully restored, before and after

77 Vert, fully restored, before and after

1964 Westy, total resto, before and after



Our 73 Thing before & after, on-going personal project!




73 Fastback Body Work & Paint



My 73 Super got squeezed in for some much needed body work & paint! before & after


73 Super Bee, full resto, before & after


1928 Model A Paint Job

'66 Beetle Paint & new window rubber

'79 Super Beetle Convertible before & after

'67 Westy body work & paint, before & after


'77 Westy partial resto, before & after

'73 Beetle before & after

'76 Beetle everythig but the engine, before & after

'69 single cab shop truck before & after

'73 Thing before & after


'71 Westy before & after


'72 Bus before & after

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